James River Surfing

I took these photos of some friends of mine surfing First Break on the James River; it has been called the finest urban whitewater in the country. More photos are sure to come.


Crabtree Falls

Here is a photo I took at Crabtree Falls maybe a year ago. It is one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi cascading for more than 1000 feet. It is a great day hike and you should take it if you get the chance. It connects to the AT at the top so there is opportunity to make it a longer trek if you desire. There is some ice climbing done there every year. I’m looking into meeting up with some climbers to take some photos — maybe climb a little too!

New Camera!

So I’ve decided to update my photo and video gear. After finally selling my T1i I used the money to upgrade to the T2i. The camera is great, I am really looking

forward to using it. It features a microphone in jack which will bump up the quality of audio in my projects. Problem is that there is no meter for it so, its going to be hit or miss. I have see some options for splitting the cable from the mic and having some intermediary equipment for audio mixing which may be an option but we will see. I haven’t invested yet but I am considering getting a lav or a shotgun mic. I am leaning towards Rode as far as the company goes. The shotgun mic is only one hundred bucks and has great reviews. Along with the new camera I have invested in two other pieces related to filming. First I ordered the Canon 50mm 1.8 II lens. It was just over one hundred dollars and also has rave reviews. The build quality is not the best, its comparable to the kit lens I have got and its doing fine so, why not! I can’t wait till it gets here.

The third item arrived here today. It is the digifinder view finder. It was in my price range and had good reviews so I went for it. It works really well but I had some trouble with the attachment. I am really concerned with keeping my LCD screen in perfect condition. Not only will it reviewing my images be crisp but it is a really good reselling point. I had been planning on cutting a screen protector for it to put inside theattachment piece but the viewfinder came with a clear attachment for when you are not using the viewfinder. I popped the clear piece on and when I went to take it off, it ripped of the attachment piece too!

I managed to stick it back on but I don’t have high hopes for it. The viewfinder comes on and off easily so I think I will go with my original plan and fit in the protector. Hopefully I won’t need replacement pieces because they run around ten dollars. All in all though the viewfinder gives a great magnification of the screen, will block light and provides a much needed point of stabilization for those handheld shots! Work examples will be coming soon!

The Internet in Society: Empowering and Censoring Citizens?

This is one of the best visual presentations of a lecture I have seen. The subject is a pertinent one for any person connected to the internet, mass communication, and social media… which is all of us — so watch.

RSA Animate – The Internet in Society: Empowering and Censoring Citizen? « RSA Comment.

The Most Expensive Photograph Ever Sold

The most expensive photograph ever sold – The Washington Post.

While it is not the most stunning photo at first glance, when you really study it the photograph is impressive and would be even more so in person considering the real thing is 6′ x 11′. The composure is simple and perfect. Maybe my work can hold the record some day!

The Yukon Glory

I worked with author Jake Ziemba on the book jacket for his novel’s second release. “The Yukon Glory” is now published through Richmond’s own Sink/Swim Press. The book is a post-apocalyptic tale of vampires traveling across a 1970s America. The book and the publisher are definitely worth checking out. The first photo and subsequent cover design were an original draft. The following photos eventually became the final product.

Vesuvius Virginia

These just barely depict the beauty of western Virginia. I have spent eight summers out in Vesuvius now attending and now teaching and working at Nature Camp. It is a truly phenomenal place. I have met some of the most intelligent, admirable, fun loving people I know through camp.

Nature Camp is an environmental science camp which teaches sustainability and stewardship though its curriculum of natural science which includes things like limnology, mycology, herpetology, astronomy and others. This past summer, I taught a Nature in Literature course and served as the assistant cook.

Making sure nearly 120 people got three quality meals a day was intense, and the work usually lasted from around 6 a.m. to around 10 p.m. The menu included unusual summer camp things like falafel, pulled pork barbecue, BLTs and Indian as well as classics like mac-n-cheese, shepherd’s pie, grilled cheese and pizza. The kitchen is making a move toward operating sustainably. We bought meats from a local meat processor, produce from a half dozen local farmers, diary from a nearby farm and flour from a local mill which has operated for more than 200 years. Driving through the country side to all of these farms was one of the best parts of the job.